The app that lets you send playlists through email or SMS, or post them on Twitter and Facebook.

4.5 out of 5 star review by iTracki! Check out the review here.

SongSender is a simple yet powerful app to easily share your favorite songs with the online world."

SongSender, developed by high school student Dylan Reich, is the first app to reach the iOS platform that lets you send playlists of songs from your iOS song library through email or SMS, or post them on Twitter and Facebook! SongSender has been designed with the user in mind. Selected songs are saved in memory so that if you recieve a phone call while using the app, or you decide to exit the app before sending or posting your playlist, your songs are ready for you the next time you enter the app! Your song selections are pre-organized by giving the song artist and name, that you don't have to organize a jumbled mess of song names by yourself. You can find more information about the developer of SongSender, Dylan Reich, at his website, located here.

SongSender Built Using:

XAuthTwitterEngine library and demo for iPhone.
by Aral Balkan (@aral,
Copyright 2010 Aral Balkan. All Rights Reserved.
License: MIT

MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell

OAuthConsumer Framework
Jon Crosby

Chris Kimpton
License:  Couldn't find one.  Will amend this if I do.
Some code from this project was used to create the YHOATwitterEngine subclass of MGTwitterEngine. (Work by Aral Balkan.)

OAuth Test Application
Isaiah Carew
License: None found.